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Our aim here at X fitness is to bridge the gap between the main styles of weight lifting. Combining old school body building – Strongman – Power Lifting – Olympic lifting – Strength and Conditioning .

Each style of training has its place, we just believe there is room for more than one style of training. Especially as they complement each other so well.  Strength training and bodybuilding go hand in hand and our aim is to provide a purpose built facility especially for the serious gym goer.

Progressive overload is the best way to increase muscle size, and in order to keep overloading the muscle you have to be increasing your strength. If you are getting stronger in the 1-5 rep range you are also getting stronger in the 8-12 rep range. Meaning you can then lift more weight for more reps – resulting in more muscle.

The Strongman and military training is fantastic functional fitness and if done correctly will melt fat. The multitude of benches and Olympic platforms will let you develop strength in the compound movements and the machines are there to assist you building muscle.

We have also capped our membership, giving you semi private access ensuring you can always get on the equipment you need.

And open 24/7 so ‘no time to train’ is no longer an excuse!


Our GYM is fit for all who are serious about their health and fitness. We have created a TEMPLE OF POWER so that YOU can have access to your desired equipment when you need it, without waiting in line, and without the pressures of the commercial gym environment. You can lift as much as you want and drop as much as you want, as long as you put it back!

We cater for all lifters and athletes:

STRONG MEN/WOMEN - who want to improve their Atlas Stone techniques

POWER LIFTERS - lift as much as you want on our Olympic Platform

OLYMPIC LIFTERS - who have the freedom to lift and drop without impacting anyone else

BODY BUILDERS - free reign over the equipment you need, when you need it

SPORTS MEN/WOMEN - training for events or match day

THE ARMED FORCES - get a high endurance workout without the interruption of others

HEALTH FANATICS - break a sweat and maintain that healthy balance

and not to forget...

BEGINNERS - who want to learn, develop, and find the best advice from like minded athletes.

Esprit De Corps

"A feeling of pride and mutual loyalty shared by the members of a group"

Our love of training is our is what makes us stand out. We are not looking to cash out on members but to simply offer the best training experience possible. We want to create an environment where everyone is welcome and where all athletic abilities can support one another.

Wear what you want and train how you want, less of the texting and more of the flexing.

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