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We have dedicated ourselves to providing the most comprehensive choice of equipment you can find.   

For us education is a huge part of what we are trying to achieve. teaching people the optimal way to train to live their happiest and fittest life.

This is reflected in our equipment , we center around the compound lifts ,  It all starts with getting stronger - 60% of your time should be spent on lifts such a as bench press, squat , deadlift and overhead press .

We then come to the accessory lifts , your bicep curls and such . these still play a big part in your overall look and performance but should be less of a priority , Dedicating around 30% of your effort to these exercises .

So what next?  Well to build a completely comprehensive physique we advise throwing in some functional fitness training . This comes in the form of strongman, military and circuit training . 10% of your attention should focus in on tyre flips , rope climbs , atlas stones ect . 


OLYMPIC PLATFORMS – purpose built for squats / deadlifts / over head press / cleans and snatch’s, not forgetting bent over row and push/split jerks. also equipped with pull up bars and safety bars  so you can go as heavy as you like without the need for a spotter .


DUMBELL RACKS – big boy dumbbells all the way from 3kg to 60kg! Augmented by 10 dumbell racks you are good to for with flat dumbbell chest press, incline dumbbell chest press, seated shoulder press, seated dumbbell curls , seated triceps dumbbell extensions , skull crushers and a variety of other accessory work .


T BAR ROW – great for isolating the upper back with a variety of grips to target the traps or lat’s respectively.


SINGLE ARM ISO CHEST – arcing from a flat to incline movement, feel the squeeze in the pectoral major and minor for a great finisher to a chest session


45 DEGREE LEG PRESS – load it up and press, capable of a whopping 500kg and a decreased risk of injury. Don’t neglect your squats though


SISSY SQUAT – now this is a leg workout! Designed to work the rec-fem muscle that crosses both the knee and hip joint when squatting. Make sure you squat as low as you can while leaning back to really open up the hips. Great for a burn out!


TYRES – 100 and 300kg, if you want cardio then there is nothing better . 10 flips and you’re done. Works every muscle in your body , develops explosive power and melts fat!


SLED - lung burner! Push pull and drag! Lower body and cardio buster!


BENCH PRESS – fully adjustable meaning multiple exercise can be performed. Carry out everything from a decline bench press, flat bench press, incline bench press and seated shoulder press


WORK (LEVER) BENCHES – perfectly designed to hit muscles from different angles. Fully adjustable from decline bench press to flat bench press a variety of incline bench press positions and seated shoulder positions. You can also enjoy a variety of different grips including neutral and close grip. 


SINGLE ARM ISO ROW – great for compensating for any muscle imbalances, with a great range of motion that will work your entire back


PREACHER CURLS – using the e-z bar for a variety of grips to target the long or short head of the bicep, rest your arm against the back pad to take out any swing. No cheating with this one!


ROLLER LEG PRESS – a different kind of leg press, a steep angle and no hinge makes this a true representation of what you’re lifting  


SAFETY SQUAT BAR – bridging the gap between a front and a back squat, keeps your shoulders in a more stable position and encourages great quadriceps development


YOKE – full body walk of death! Load it up and walk! Great for core stability and lower back and leg strength. Go as fast as you can and as heavy as you can. Trust me this will test your fitness to the limit!


CLIMBING ROPES – one of the hardest exercises in the gym. Great to finish off a arm workout. It’s a pull up to the max! Unrivalled Strength and fitness training !


CABLE MACHINES  - for all your accessory work , having three cable machines means you can be guaranteed the space to set up multiple stations when training for muscle size on exercises such as , cable bicep curls, tricep pull downs , chest flys , face pulls and rear deltoid extensions.


LAT PULL DOWN/SEATED ROW – plate loadable up to 200kg , great for targeting lat’s, rhomboids and traps.


SINGLE ARM ISO SHOULDER - hit the lateral and anterior deltoids, the raqnge of motion on this machine gives a great stretch and contraction to isolate the individual shoulder muscles


HACK SQUAT – great for targeting the gluteus and taking the strain out of the lower back. It can also be used to develop sharp explosive movements developing power. 


LEG EXTENSION/CURL – ok we have them.... but i don’t like them. Good for isolating individual muscles in the leg. However put allot of pressure on your knees. For me leg workouts should centre around the bar!


ATLAS STONES – enough said, big heavy balls of concrete going from 50-120kg. Great for building strength or use for reps for great conditioning workout!  


FARMERS WALK – functional and fun! Great full body exercise that will transition into lifts like deadlift! Great for improving grip strength and your upper back/core and legs!  


LOG – great variation for the over head press. Placing your hands in a neutral position you’ll generate more upper chest and core muscle activation. Load the bar up and press or lift from the floor for a great conditioning exercise

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