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We offer all our members a free strength and conditioning session with sign up to a monthly membership.

This can be used in whatever way suits you best:

We can use this time to look over your core lifts such as bench press, squat and dead lift- critiquing technique and talking about the optimum rep ranges to achieve your goals.

Teach you new training styles like the clean and jerk, snatch, overhead squat and push/split jerk.

Familiarise you with the strong man lifts including yoke, farmers walk, atlas stones and tyre flipping

Or run through a training plan consolidating your knowledge of structuring your own workout programme 

     Downloadable Training Plans 

Beginners Guide 

(3 Days a Week)

6 Week Strength And Size

(4 Days a Week) 

40 Day Cut 

(6 Days a Week)

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