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Make no mistake, you will not find another gym like ours in Greater Manchester

The Fitness Industry is dominated by three types of Gym; Health Clubs - Mainstream Gyms - Budget Gyms. They all offer the same package; loads of cardio equipment, a few power racks, and a bench or two. These establishments are too busy catering to the masses to realize the weight lifting sector is seriously depleated. That's where we come in.

At X-Fitness we offer our athletes a magnitude of resistance kit available 24/7 with no restrictions on training philosophy. Lift 'em, drop 'em, rack 'em! Make no mistake this is NOT A COMMERCIAL GYM. You will not find a social poser spending 20 minutes sat on a bench texting their mates and sending selfies. We cater for those who want to work hard and achieve great results, no matter what their goal is.


Our GYM is fit for all who are serious about their health and fitness. We have created a TEMPLE OF POWER so that YOU can have access to your desired equipment when you need it, without waiting in line, and without the pressures of the commercial gym environment. You can lift as much as you want and drop as much as you want, as long as you put it back!

We cater for all lifters and athletes:

STRONG MEN/WOMEN - who want to improve their Atlas Stone techniques

POWER LIFTERS - lift as much as you want on our Olympic Platform

OLYMPIC LIFTERS - who have the freedom to lift and drop without impacting anyone else

BODY BUILDERS - free reign over the equipment you need, when you need it

SPORTS MEN/WOMEN - training for events or match day

THE ARMED FORCES - get a high endurance workout without the interruption of others

HEALTH FANATICS - break a sweat and maintain that healthy balance

and not to forget...

BEGINNERS - who want to learn, develop, and find the best advice from like minded athletes.


We have sourced an enourmous amount of equipment so that you can have the most varied and effective training session possible. Here's what we have to offer:

  • 15M Track - Great for Acceleration Training, YOKE, and Farmers Walks

  • 14 Power Racks - No more waiting in line for your set. Our Racks are fully adjustable and our benches fitted with safety racks, meaning you no longer need a spotter to lift heavy weights.

  • 2 Olympic Platforms - Fail a heavy Clean and Press? No worries, just drop the sucker

  • 2 Preacher Curls - Because who doesn't love a good bicep curl

  • 3 Cable Machines - Each including 4 stations offering plenty of versatility

  • 2 Dumbell Racks - Assisted with 10 Benches alleviating the struggle to find an empty one

  • 140KG Atlas Stones - Because where else can you lift an Atlas stone?

  • 2 Climbing Ropes - For those extreme full body execises

  • Peg Board - Another full body chalenge

  • YOKE/Sled/Farmers Walks - For the Athetes that need them

  • 50KG Tyre - Cardio without the Treadmill

  • Leg Press/Axel Bar - Mixing up the traditional approach

  • Parrallel Bars - For those punishing Dips and Abs exercises

Esprit De Corps

"A feeling of pride and mutual loyalty shared by the members of a group"

Our love of training is our is what makes us stand out. We are not looking to cash out on members but to simply offer the best training experience possible. We want to create an environment where everyone is welcome and where all athletic abilities can support one another.

Wear what you want and train how you want, less of the texting and more of the flexing.

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